A Message from the Founder:

Hi, I'm Brendan Ridenour.

I love making things and that's why Thought Haven exists. I needed a place where I could gather with friends to bring our dreams to life. My favorite kind of dream is a story. I've written a bunch already, but I'm just getting started. Dozens more coming.

Be happy.

Self Sacrifice

Self Sacrifice is an 11-page short film screenplay by Brendan Ridenour.

As Cynthia mourns the death of her infant son, she prepares to make the ultimate sacrifice in his name. But what if it wouldn't be? What if her death would change the world, but staying and living with grace, could save it? Which would an angel do? Martyr themselves, for their own reasons? Or rise above, even when it's hard, reject both Heaven and Hell, and continue to walk in the world?

∗ script available upon request

Brendan's Student Films

These student films were written and directed by Thought Haven's founder Brendan Ridenour. They were paid for in pennies and represent his first attempts at filmmaking.

"Be who you are. The rest is nonsense."

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